Cladding Fire Safety

Omnii has assembled a dedicated cladding team, specifically to guide clients through the cladding minefield.

With no Federal Government position on the reform of the use of Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), each state/territory has its own unique and complex legislation.

Omnii’s cladding team leader is an admitted lawyer with six years practicing experience, who’s comprehensive understanding of cladding legislation is paramount to navigating the best pathways toward rectification. Furthermore, a number of our team have completed the highly specialised combustible cladding CPD course at the University of Queensland (UQ).

In addition, Omnii is pre-qualified with the Residential Cladding Rectification Register (RCRR) on behalf of the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Our cladding fire engineering services include:

  • Compliance pathways tailored to client and State Government requirements
  • Bespoke Insurance cladding assessment reports
  • Due diligence cladding assessment reports

Omnii assesses each building individually to identify the needs of the client, the extent and impact of the issue, and to address the requirements of the state legislature.

Detailed CFD modelling and analysis is utilised for predicting the spread of fire, enabling building-specific assessment and reporting.

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