Entertainment & Leisure

Omnii has completed a wide variety of Entertainment and Leisure venue projects

From the outset, we apply unique yet sound Fire Engineering principles and skills in generating performance solutions appropriate to these types of facilities.

We pride ourselves on the understanding of how these types of facilities operate and the codes that govern their design (both building envelope and fire safety systems).

There are also opportunities to review the operational and construction requirements of these facilities and engineer solutions for the often limiting codes.

Some of the unique aspects of Entertainment & Leisure facilities from a fire viewpoint are:

  • The quantum of people concentrated in any one area/space/auditorium
  • Egress widths and the impact with respect to high density population
  • Interfacing between the actual entertainment performance and occupant evacuation considerations
  • Security impact and operations in an emergency situation
  • Balancing acoustic performance versus smoke exhaust requirements e.g. make up air locations and quantum of same
  • Fire hazard considerations of staging, props, materials, seating and linings