Omnii has significant experience with Industrial projects

Omnii has a comprehensive understanding of how industrial facilities operate, the codes that govern their design (both building envelope and fire safety systems) and the application of our engineering services to generate opportunities in the construction of these facilities.

From the outset, we apply unique yet sound Fire Engineering principles and skills for generating performance solutions appropriate to industrial facilities. This usually takes the form of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) computer modelling techniques.

Omnii has extensive experience with Industrial facilities, including:

  • High bay and mezzanine type racking systems
  • Extra high warehouses i.e. >20m
  • Temperature controlled environments i.e. cool and cold rooms and freezer facilities, including deployment of hypoxic atmospheres
  • Specialist manufacturing facilities i.e. sugar mills and timber mills
  • Storages involving high risks i.e. tyre storage and aerosol storage
  • Specialist Records & Information Management (RIM) i.e. document storage warehouses