Omnii has completed a number of significant Judicial projects

Judicial fire prevention requires systems that are bespoke. They require significant Fire Protection Services and Fire Engineering consideration, and ought to be undertaken by specialists.

Omnii understands the processes of these types of facilities and are cognisant of the various occupant types frequenting them. This is paramount to ensuring the success of Fire Protection design and Fire Engineering principles. 

Key considerations of Fire Protection Services and Fire Engineering for Judicial facilities are:

  • The various prison security levels i.e. locked in cells 24/7; locked in cells at night; locked in building at night
  • Review of building construction versus security and ventilation requirements e.g. inability to evacuate on occasions
  • To sprinkler or not to sprinkler? Various Australian State Governments have differing views
  • The requirement for a bespoke strategy to maintain tenable conditions in cells via “smoke detection” concept