Public Buildings

Omnii has provided consulting services for a wide range of Public Buildings

Town Halls to Government office buildings to Commonwealth Law Courts and even Parliament House, Victoria. Omnii has significant experience working with high profile public buildings, all which demand a considerable level of detail and understanding of government/public building processes.

Property protection is of paramount importance, and deploying specialised fire prevention strategies, sometimes utilising unique fire protection systems, requires a considered approach.

Project factors Omnii addresses for these types of facilities, include:

  • Heritage listing and importance to society as a whole
  • The valuable artefacts, reading material, artwork and the like, stored either on display or in special repositories
  • The existing type of construction may not comply with the standards of today i.e. timber beams in roof spaces, so careful thought must go to compensatory measures
  • Mass evacuation, sheltering and re-entry programs, which requires careful management