Omnii has extensive experience with Residential developments

Omnii has completed an extensive and diverse variety of projects in this market sector. This includes complex multi-use super structures encompassing retail malls and multiple residential towers, connected via combined recreational areas, podium levels and bridge links.

Property protection is of paramount importance, and deploying specialised fire prevention strategies, sometimes utilising unique fire protection systems, requires a considered approach.

Omnii’s  specific experience pertains to:

  • Tailoring smoke hazard management system to allow inter-connection between levels
  • 3D modelling egress strategies and alarm sequencing to establish optimal people movement, including the use of lifts in emergency situations
  • Reviewing extended distances of travel and hence maximising yield
  • Rationalisation of Fire Resistance Levels
  • Enabling buildings to be built closer to the property boundary than would normally be allowed, hence markedly increasing yield
  • Review of fire stair discharge at ground floor level to enable more functional operations e.g. discharge into internal lobbies
  • Negotiation with Authorities, enabling required infrastructure to be located in a more convenient location e.g. fire booster locations

Recent residential projects