Aviation & Airports

Omnii has significant experience in the Aviation and Airport Sector

Our team have completed numerous Airport terminal designs and understand both landside and airside operations. We are cognisant of security implications and how landside/airside interaction can affect a terminal facility.

This includes aerobridges, retail facilities in terminals, anti-walk back gates and other unique areas relative to airports. Further, we have completed many aircraft maintenance hangars for a multitude of government/not for profit and commercial carriers.

Key drivers for airport owners are the retail environment and the percentages of Net Lettable Area (NLA) to get the balance right.

Some of the challenges Omnii addresses in the Airport and Aviation Sector:

  • Efficient people movement – enabling the best customer experience in mass transit situations
  • Reduction in unwanted alarms – and in turn expenses incurred by avoiding unnecessary terminal evacuations
  • Maximising retail operations
  • Minimising personal risk and wait times / queuing
  • Efficient replacement of Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) type environmentally harmful foam suppression systems
  • Understanding the various stakeholder’s drivers