Fire safety advisory

The ongoing serviceability of fire systems is an important life safety and compliance aspect of any building. Omnii provides Fire Safety Advisory services in all fire safety aspects of buildings.

Omnii is able to provide independent advice and advocate for our clients in all fire protection and fire safety aspects of buildings, be it new or existing.

Our Fire Safety Advisory services include:

  • Design review (compliance, constructability, value engineering); this can be a peer review of a consultant’s or contractor’s design
  • Commissioning review
  • Technical advice in all matters regarding fire
  • Negotiation with Authorities (Building Certifiers) and advise agencies (QFES)
  • Troubleshooting and defect investigation and resolution
  • Maintenance management (assistance in the procurement of maintenance contracts)
  • Asset and equipment management (preparation of asset schedules, fire panel and fire alarm system replacement, fire pump replacement)
  • Assistance complying with and sorting baseline data requirements
  • Preparation and maintaining fire system interface and cause and effect documentation
  • Pre-purchase reviews
  • Due diligence reviews