Mining, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Omnii has completed a wide variety of projects in Mining, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical sectors

The specific risks of these industries are unique from any other. This can require unique fire consultancy and sometimes deployment of bespoke fire strategies, dependent on the site and risk.

Omnii is cognisant of and applies National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, i.e. NFPA11 and NFPA16 for special risk fire protection projects. We are conversant with AS 1940 for the Storage of Flammable and  Combustible Liquids, and understand that global or major clients often also have their own specialised Fire Protection Services standards, which we can also adhere to.

Solutions that we have generated risk reduction/mitigation programs for include:

  • Review and design for high corrosion environments
  • Minimising downtime to critical assets due to potential fire events
  • Sites where potable water and fire water have been combined over the years
  • Electrical substations internally fitted out with separate rooms operating as workshop/stores, without fire separation
  • Design of foam capture and containment systems to prevent environmental contamination
  • Design of hydrocarbon, infrared and flame detection for early fire intervention

Recent mining, oil, Gas & petrochemical projects