Our Fire Protection and Engineering Services

Omnii is a pure-play fire consultancy providing both fire safety engineering and fire protection services.

We focus exclusively on these two engineering disciplines, setting Omnii apart from other consultancies. By seamlessly integrating and coordinating fire safety engineering strategies with fire protection services design, Omnii can realise significant project cost and time savings for our clients by performing these critical engineering disciplines under the one roof.

While there is considerable advantage for a project in engaging Omnii for both fire safety engineering and fire protection services; there is also a clear delineation between the two disciplines, allowing us to provide each service independently if required.

Our objective on all projects is to develop solutions that realise architectural vision, maximise development potential and minimise project costs.

Our repeat engagement on high-profile projects, especially those involving sophisticated fire safety engineering and fire protection services, is testimony to the quality of our work and confirms our standing as the trusted experts in our field.

Quality of service is the mainstay of our business, supported by our ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System, and backed by a wealth of industry knowledge and experience across all aspects of fire safety.

We strive to align ourselves with clients of similar ethos and vision and understand the drivers and intricacies of the markets in which they operate.

Our clients view Omnii as a true partner – one they trust to provide specialised and innovative fire solutions.