Our Fire Protection and Engineering Services

At Omnii, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding people and properties against the hazards of fire. Our comprehensive suite of fire protection and engineering services is tailored not only for compliance with the latest safety standards but also for cost-effectiveness. This makes us the trusted partner for property developers, architects, and business owners across Australasia.

Our clients view Omnii as a true partner – one they trust to provide specialised and innovative fire solutions.

Specialised Fire Engineering and Protection Services

Fire Protection

Omnii offers innovative fire protection systems designed to address the unique challenges of each property. Our solutions include the latest technologies in fire sprinkler systems, fire detection and alarm systems, and fire hydrant and fire hose reel systems, all tailored to enhance safety and compliance.

Custom Solutions: Tailored systems designed for specific property needs.
Comprehensive Safety: Systems designed to address all aspects of fire safety.
Cost Efficiency: Reduction in project costs through integrated service delivery.

Special Hazards:

Our engagements on Special Hazards projects span diverse sectors, where the intricate balance between safety and operational excellence is critical. We address special hazard situations with tailored solutions that encompass detailed risk assessments and innovative safety measures, ensuring your project adheres to the highest standards of safety.

Tailored Risk Management: Custom solutions based on detailed risk analysis.
Innovative Safety Measures: Advanced approaches to hazard mitigation.

Fire Engineering:

Our fire engineering services provide a holistic approach to building safety, aligning contemporary architectural vision with progressive thinking and out-of-the-box solutions. we strive to deliver individually tailored cost-effective solutions for every project.

Structural Fire Engineering:

We employ advanced analysis and strategic design to ensure buildings can withstand fire conditions, protecting both the structure and its occupants.

Advanced Fire Analysis: Detailed predictions of fire impact.
Design Strategies: Strategies to enhance building resilience against fire.

Cladding Fire Safety:

Omnii navigates the complexities of cladding fire safety regulations, offering bespoke solutions that ensure compliance and enhance safety.

Regulatory Navigation: Expert guidance through complex safety regulations.
Bespoke Solutions: Tailored approaches to meet stringent safety standards.

Fire Safety Compliance:

We understand that meeting ongoing legislative and fire safety compliance requirements is not only key for any property owner but is a significant risk mitigation measure to deploy. We ensure that every project meets rigorous compliance standards, providing expert advice and meticulous checks throughout the project lifecycle.

Comprehensive Compliance Audits: Rigorous evaluations to ensure all standards are met.
Expert Advisory Services: Professional advice to guide through compliance processes.

Fire Safety Advisory:

Omnii provides independent advice and advocates for clients on all aspects of fire protection and safety in both new and existing buildings. Our advisory services are geared towards providing strategic insights into fire safety management, helping clients to implement effective safety measures and strategies.

Strategic Insights: Expert advice on fire safety management.
Effective Safety Strategies: Implementation of best practices in fire safety.

Comprehensive Solutions for Safety and Efficiency

Omnii’s exclusive focus on fire safety engineering and protection services sets us apart from other consultancies. By unifying these disciplines under one roof, Omnii not only streamlines project timelines and reduces costs but also enhances safety measures for our clients.

Our Fire Safety Engineering Expertise

At Omnii, our dedicated team of over 550 years’ combined experience in fire safety engineering is committed to enhancing fire safety for the environments we inhabit. This expertise is showcased through our track record of successful projects like Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Premier Tower, HOTA Gallery and Schweppes/Asahi DC, earning us significant trust and repeat engagements from our clients. Our relentless pursuit to improve fire safety underlines our leadership in the industry, consistently delivering expertly crafted, reliable solutions.

Key Benefits of Our Engineering Strategies

  • Maximised Development Potential: Our engineering solutions enhance the potential and value of properties.
  • Architectural Vision Realisation: Supporting the realisation of bold architectural visions with compliant safety strategies.

Why Choose Omnii?

Omnii is the largest specialist fire engineering and fire protection service consultancy in Australasia. Our consultants excel in both of these distinct disciplines. We bring to projects a diverse blend of skills based on our team’s unique higher-level education, fire trade contracting, Fire Brigade and varied consulting engineering expertise.

Our commitment to quality and our strategic approach to fire safety make us a trusted partner in the industry. Backed by a proven track record and a deep understanding of market intricacies, Omnii stands out as a leader in fire safety solutions. Our current qualifications and accreditations are amongst the highest available in the engineering community. Omnii employ engineers who are Chartered Professional Engineers accredited by Engineers Australia.


Begin your journey to comprehensive fire safety with Omnii. Contact us today to learn how our expert solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your project’s success and safety.

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