Omnii’s team are consistently selected to undertake Defence project roles

Omnii has an in-depth understanding of Defence frameworks, protocols and processes in both the major and minor delivery of projects. We comprehend the drivers of compliance (as well as change), the Manual of Fire Protection Engineering (MFPE) and amongst others, security of documentation control and on-site security protocols.

Whether it be a fire upgrade implementation or a new or refurbished facility, Omnii can fulfill  specialist fire consultancy roles via direct appointment to Maintenance Managers, by being part of an overall Managing contractor’s team, or any other appropriate procurement model.

Defence facilities require unique Fire Engineering and Fire Protection Services Consulting, including:

  • Design to suit asset criticality and contribution factors
  • Compliance with MFPE requirements, in addition to National Construction Code requirements
  • Application of the MFPE ‘Special Structure’ assessments with holistic performance based design
  • Liaison with Director Estate Engineering Policy and Base Fire Brigade
  • Interface of fire safety strategies with defence operations
  • Design of fire protection systems for Zone 5 secure facilities and Explosive Ordinance storage facilities