Structural fire engineering

Our specialised structural fire engineering team bring a diverse blend of skills to projects.

We leverage our team’s unique higher-level education, fire trade contracting, Fire Brigade experience and varied engineering expertise.

Our attention to detail and methodical approach provides a tailored response to meet the specific requirements of each project. We respect every project’s uniqueness and assert that the key to a successful outcome is identifying those distinctions at the earliest stages of the project.

Our Structural Fire Engineering Services include:

  • Value management reviews of builder bid designs and refinement of structural designs
  • Review and consultation of structural design regarding fire rating requirements
  • Undertake structural fire engineering analysis
  • Calculate structural fire behaviour for structural stability and resistance to fire spread
  • Provide design strategies with the view to optimise fire protection
  • Prepare Structural Fire Engineering Briefs and Reports
  • Coordinate with legislative authorities to streamline the approval process