Information Technology

Omnii has completed a wide variety of telecommunications and data centre projects

In this day and age, the telecommunications industry has more influence on our lives than ever before, and to that end, it is more critical that these facilities operate seamlessly to enable our lives to continue unhindered and without downtime.

Understanding of the processes of these types of facilities is paramount to ensuring the success of fire protection design, fire safety strategies, and risk engineering principles.

Strategies and systems Omnii deploys, include:

  • Reliability requirements e.g. N+1
  • Non-toxic fire protection mediums that get to the source of any potential fire, quickly and cleanly
  • Very early detection of fire/smoke
  • Interfacing with smart systems i.e. building management systems (BMS)
  • Staged fire detection, occupant warning and specialist fire suppression
  • Designing specialist detection and suppression systems to correlate with air movement strategies associated with hot/cold aisle designs