fire engineering services

At Omnii, we’re dedicated to enhancing building and occupant safety through our specialised fire engineering services. Our expert team is
equipped to deliver solutions across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, meeting the unique needs of our clients including architects, building owners, and property developers.


The National Construction Code (NCC) allows buildings to be designed by either a set of prescriptive requirements, knowns as the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) Provisions, or via Performance Solutions.

Omnii participates in the design of buildings by providing a fire engineering service. Fire engineering is vital for building safety and compliance, applying scientific and engineering principles to safeguard people, property, and the environment from fire.

Omnii’s fire engineers possess a comprehensive understanding of fire behaviour in structures, including how fires develop, spread, and impact building integrity, materials under fire conditions, smoke movement, and occupant behaviour.

With this knowledge, Omnii designs effective fire safety strategies that align with clients’ functional building requirements, architectural goals, and cost-efficiency.

Our approach

Omnii’s approach to fire engineering is tailored and innovative.

Our team of specialist engineers align contemporary architectural vision with progressive thinking and out of the box solutions. We strive to deliver individually tailored cost-effective solutions for every project.

Fire engineering services we provide include:

  • Performance-based, fire-engineered solutions
  • Preparation of Fire
  • Engineering Reports for Building ApprovalApplication
  • Master planning and concept advice
  • Value management and value add reviews
  • Preliminary fire safety strategies and advice
  • Fire risk assessments and audits
  • Developer/builder bid review and refinement
  • Feasibility studies



Omnii has a dedicated cladding team that expertly guides clients through the complexities of state-specific cladding legislation.

This specialised team has a deep understanding of the varying regulations across different territories, which is crucial for developing effective rectification pathways and ensuring compliance.

At Omnii, we ensure optimal safety through:

  • Assessment Reports: Bespoke assessments to identify the needs of the client, the extent and impact of the issue, and to address the requirements of the state legislature.
  • Compliance Checks: Navigating the best pathways toward rectification.

We provide comprehensive structural fire engineering services that ensure buildings can withstand fire incidents without compromising structural integrity.

Our services include:

  • Design and Consultation: Review and refine builder bid and structural designs, consults on fire rating requirements, and provide optimised fire protection strategies.
  • Engineering Analysis and Documentation: Undertake structural fire engineering analysis, calculate fire behaviour for structural stability, and prepares necessary engineering briefs and reports.
  • Regulatory Coordination: Coordinates with legislative authorities to facilitate a streamlined approval process.


Omnii has worked on many diverse projects in the built environment.

One standout project is the West Village development, a $1 billion master-planned heritage site that incorporates over 1,000 dwellings, significant commercial space, and extensive green areas, showcasing Omnii’s commitment to integrating fire safety into large-scale, mixed use spaces.

Another prominent project is the Premier Tower in Melbourne, a striking 79-storey building featuring residential units, a hotel, and retail spaces, where Omnii’s fire engineering expertise was pivotal in addressing complex safety requirements due to its unique architectural design


Omnii stands out as a leader in fire engineering due to our:
  • Expertise: Over 550 years of combined experience across diverse projects.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritise your safety and 
    compliance needs.
  • Proven Success: A track record of effective and innovative fire safety solutions.
Considering enhancing your building’s fire safety?
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