Sports Facilities

Omnii prides itself on understanding how Sports Facilities operate

Omnii is experienced with the stadiums of today, their usage (ongoing revenue streams outside of “event day”) and their relationship to structural systems.

This enables us to generate efficient designs that positively affect the client/operator/user through flexibility of operation, architectural freedom of design and enhanced aesthetics. With this comes flexibility for the Head Contractor/Builder (and Structural Engineer) via unprotected steel usage (when otherwise the Building Codes would require a fire rated structure).

Considerations for Sports Facilities from a fire impact perspective include:

  • Use of pyrotechnics
  • Dust production during the event eg. Monster Trucks
  • Density of population / occupants / participants
  • Mass people movement
  • Impacts of unwanted alarms
  • Major event control and fire system operational requirements for fire brigades
  • Integration of Public Address (PA) systems with the Evacuation systems
  • Commercial cooking equipment and associated specialist fire protection