Driven by the Desire to Help People – Angela Arum’s Fire Engineering Graduate Journey with Omnii


Angela Arum’s Fire Engineering Graduate journey started with Omnii in 2018. She joined as a student in the Omnii Graduate Academy. Like many students, Angela didn’t know of fire engineering until undertaking her engineering degree. 

Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Angela came to Australia in 2015 by herself to study. She remains over 12,000km away from her family but is still strongly connected to them via their daily video chats.

Angela Arum Graduate Fire Consultant

There is a real positive energy here, it is a great working environment and I love the people. My Team greatly inspire me.

Angela Arum
Graduate Fire Consultant

The Spark Ignites

After support from her family, she continued to explore the discipline. She subsequently applied and was accepted into the Omnii Graduate Academy. After this, Angela found her rhythm and passion for the fire safety industry.

Omnii’s vision is ‘Safer people and places’. This mirrors a common thread that has run through Angela’s career aspirations all the way back to her childhood. Initially, she sought to pursue an entirely different career to fire engineering.


“When I was young, I aspired to be a flying doctor. I was very close to gaining a Private Pilot Licence (PPL). I guess I’ve always wanted to help people. But I soon realised that flying doctors weren’t usually the pilots, they were passengers.”

“Encouraged by my teachers and a close cousin of mine, both advising that I had great potential in engineering, I started to pursue options in this field.”

The #OmniiFamily are very happy Angela took this path, she was recently promoted to Graduate Fire Consultant. We asked Angela “what do you enjoy most about working at Omnii?”.

“There is a real positive energy here, it is a great working environment and I love the people. My team greatly inspire me. They work very hard, but they have also specifically taken the time to mentor me and give me constant feedback. They are quite patient in sharing their knowledge, despite being very busy. I strongly believe they are responsible for the improvement in the quality of my work over the years”. 

Angela has shown a passion for developing as a consultant and technically as a fire safety engineer. Angela prides herself on high quality and continues to absorb knowledge, including best practices, in order to enhance her expertise. She is a valuable member of our team at Omnii.

Angela’s Team Leader

Lake Victoria, Kenya
Lake Victoria, Kenya

Reunions and Celebrations

In December 2021, Angela was reunited with her family and had many things to celebrate. One was her graduation, completing her Masters of Fire Safety Engineering at The University of Queensland.

Like many, it was the first time she had seen her family in over 2 years. They reunited in style in the beautiful Kenyan countryside.

Angela had a delay coming back to Brisbane due to the COVID-19 situation. Fortunately, Omnii was able to facilitate remote working for the 2 weeks that she was delayed; more time with the family is always a good thing.

Angela is excited about her future career at Omnii and is looking forward to growing and gaining more experience with Omnii’s bigger projects.

From a family perspective, she is looking forward to her younger brother following in her footsteps and coming over to study engineering as well.

Congratulations on your achievements thus far Angela! We’re grateful to have you as part of the #OmniiFamily.