Sarah Sands

About the Project

Located in one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, the Sarah Sands heritage project features 31 brand new, bespoke 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments standing respectfully behind the historic Sarah Sands Hotel.

What is more special – a brand new building, or one with heritage?

We believe they can be equally special; take the Sarah Sands for example in Brunswick, Victoria.

The heritage project seamlessly integrates 31 brand new apartments and retail and commercial space with a landmark that was established 170 years ago.

The premium and bespoke new apartments are modern, luxurious and exemplify craftsmanship and sophistication befitting of the Brunswick neighbourhood.

The lore of the Sarah Sands Hotel tells of its different identities including a traditional Irish pub, a louche club of the night and a hot house in the 1950s. The tales continue backward to its namesake – a steamship called the Sarah Sands built in Liverpool in 1846. The Sarah Sands legend deepens further with whispers of a gold rush, war and finally a disastrous fire.

Location: Brunswick, VIC
Client: Peregrine Projects & Gallagher Jeffs
Architect: Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Fire Engineering

Sarah Sands Heritage Project

It was fascinating to help deliver a project so rich in history yet with many chapters still to be written.

Marcello Arbaci

Sarah Sands